The Burnet Flag

(First in a series explaining the history behind my Texian Tees. Coming up: the De Zavala Flag; the Johanna Troutman Flag; the Gonzales Flag (Old Come and Take It); and the New Orleans Greys Flag. Click here to see and buy the shirts!)

The first national flag of Texas, approved by President Sam Houston on Dec. 10, 1836, has a gold star on a blue field. It was designed by David G. Burnet, an unlucky but “articulate” fellow who was briefly ad interim president of the independent republic of Texas in 1836. Due to an undeleted clause, though, Texans between 1933 and 1965 unwittingly pledged allegiance to this flag instead of the Lone Star flag, which had been adopted in 1839. (In between the Burnet flag and the Lone Star flag, Texas used its naval flag.)

About my design: As on my other shirts, I depict the star as embroidered, just to add a little richness to the image. However, a star this size would likely have been painted or appliqued in real life, not embroidered.

Click to buy the shirt!

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