Personalize address stickers, or raise a plant

Now that my parents' birthday celebrations are safely past, I can add two more Econsiderate gift ideas to the list: address stickers with a personal image or emblem, and plants. In our family's most recent Annual Easter Egg Decorating Contest (we have rules, categories and ribbons), my Dad painted this great Picasso-like image of a... Continue Reading →

New element added to the periodic table

Super-heavy element 112 was created a decade ago in a particle accelerator, and only four atoms of it have ever been observed.  Yet high school science classes will still have to memorize it, no doubt. They temporarily named it ununbium, but are still searching for a real name.

Yum! Economist podcast and Irish radio

Glad to have discovered the Economist's weekly "The week ahead" podcast, a civilized way to get your news. They also offer a series of "Tea with The Economist" videos, in which they very literally have tea and a chat with interesting and relevant people. Also, I am in love with, where you can listen... Continue Reading →

Inside the teahouse!

The teahouse illustrations on the Gmail page change with the times of day too! Here the kitsune is tidying up in her house. It looks like she is a reader, as well.

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