Capitol visit for San Jacinto Day

UPDATE: Well, it’s just as well my photo didn’t come out — it’s a copy of the flag that’s on display right now, as I learn is normal when the Lege is not in session. But I’m told the real flag is up at the Bullock museum. Revising my plans 🙂


Actually, I went yesterday. But I wanted to get a photo of the San Jacinto battle flag, which I’m already at work making into one of my Texian Tees.  (Here’s a photo that’s better — or at least more brightly lit — than the one I got.)  It’s a good thing I went, though, because just a few hours later, I learned that the House chambers, where the flag hangs, will soon be closed until November as part of renovations to the Capitol.

I always love visiting the Capitol, and I particularly like it when there are schoolkids going through:

Half of ’em with their faces tilted back, looking up into the dome. This is what they’re seeing:

And I didn’t notice till I was going through my film that the star design way up there at the tippy-top is the star from the (disputed) De Zavala flag.  Which fact I’ve of course now retconned into the sales pitch for my De Zavala flag T-shirt! A lovely shirt in very soft navy-blue cotton; I’m wearing mine right now, in fact.

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