Climb inside the workhorse that helped win World War II Got a chance to crawl around inside the type of bomber my grandfather flew, a B-24 Liberator, today as several Collings Foundation aircraft visited our town. America's most-produced plane of World War II, these heavy bombers typically dropped 5,000-pound loads of explosives deep behind enemy lines across Europe and in every theater. B-24s were... Continue Reading →

My desk was in an Angelina Jolie movie

Back in 2007, Michael Winterbottom filmed parts of a movie in and around Austin. The film was "A Mighty Heart," in which Angelina Jolie plays the wife of kidnapped journalist Daniel Pearl, and the Austin American-Statesman co-stars as a Wall Street Journal bureau. Us Statesfolk were reminiscing about this last week, and I thought y'all... Continue Reading →

To the Republic for which they stood

My illustration for Memorial Day is a cross-stitch done, we are 90% sure, by my grandmother (known to me as "Mamma"). We know she did needlework, and I've seen other items she stitched on linen. This seems to me like it's a kit or at least a pattern, and it resembles a kit from Bucilla,... Continue Reading →

Aggie ring under a digital microscope

Out here visiting my folks, and we got to playing with Dad's USB digital microscope. Here's what the numbers on a 10K Aggie ring really look like after seventeen years of daily wear... (I got it when I was a junior, whooooop): Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 1994!

A friendly cover for your Hitchhiker’s Guide

Click here now to upload this important update to your Guide! Expanded capabilities: As you can see, the latest upgrades of the Guide include the ability to control nearby Nutri-Matic dispensers and several settings that allow it to work in tandem with your shipboard computer. Most importantly, the latest Guide relieves you of the need... Continue Reading →

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