Squee! Sold my first pair of earrings!

I’ve been making earrings as a hobby for about a year now, and this week I built an online store using eCrater and also put one pair of earrings up for auction on eBay — the red roses at left, packaged in a red velvet bag for Valentine’s gift-giving.  (Because I’ve been a journalist too long to do something without a time peg… )  And the earrings sold for full price in less than a day!!  I am so pleased.  Surprised, even.  Wow!  It’s such a great feeling that somebody looked at my work and judged it worthy of the price — and in this case, quite probably, worthy of giving to their loved one.

Mind you I do think they make a nice Valentine’s gift. They’re small and not over-expensive, but heartfelt and unique.  Of course I pointed this out in my eBay copy. 🙂 I guess it worked. Here’s a couple of my other earrings:

The roses are made from polymer clay; I shape them and then bake them with the earring parts molded in. They’re very sturdy and I can make any color in the rainbow.  The colors are actually a large part of the appeal for me; I love mixing and blending, and I also am such a rose enthusiast that I really enjoy making the little buds and petals.

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