Even quicker way to add symbols to tweets

Further solidifying my title as “Workaround Sue” – Just copy one of these and paste it into your tweet. Here you go: ♥   ♡  ♪  ☺  ☹   ☮   ★   ❦  Quick ‘n dirty.

Even better, here’s a long list with tons of symbols. A sampling: ♘  €  ☯  ☂  ☀  ☛ ✓ ☢  ♀  ℞  ☎   ¢  ↑  ↓ anyone?

(This dodge also works when you are trying to watermark an image in Photoshop and you’ve whacked every key on the board trying to find the dang © symbol.)

Of course, this is only if you want to tweet symbols once in a while. If you want to fill all your tweets with diamonds and yin-and-yang symbols and ivy leaves and stuff, you’ll probably want a real solution like enabling the Character Palette on a Mac or adding a TwitterKeys link to your browser toolbar.

(P.S. Hooray for people who write up helpful how-tos like those posts out of the goodness of their hearts. That’s how I learned these are called Unicode characters. I found all this in a mad session of Googling after the whim struck me to tweet a heart… indeed, I do ♥ humans.)

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