You’re going to need to know about the brain-eating amoebas

When you move to Austin, right after everybody tells you how much cooler Austin was X years ago, everybody tells you that if you don't have allergies now, you'll get them in X years. Here is what you do about that. It is kinda gross, but you'll live. When you get desperate enough, and you've... Continue Reading →

Removing stains from white enamel sink

Aug. 11, 2013: This is the most-clicked post on the blog, which is terrific. Happy white sinks, everybody! Here's the short version: THE METHOD: Coat the stained part of your white sink with a layer of dishwasher paste -- the thick gloopy stuff you put into the dishwashing machine, not the liquid soap you use... Continue Reading →

Make beadboard in dollhouse scale

I picked up a cute little hutch for a dollar at a craft store, and kept picturing it done up with milk paint and beadboard. But wooden dollhouse-scale beadboard or siding -- adorable though it is -- comes in big expensive sheets (plastic is cheaper), and is thick enough that it would really reduce the... Continue Reading →

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