White Fimo clay is really, really white

When I made roses from Sculpey III polymer clay for my rose and semiprecious stone earrings, the fine edges crumbled as I was assembling the earrings. Roses made from Fimo clay, though, stood up to abuse — and by abuse I mean my cats knocking them off the counter and chasing them around on a hard floor until my husband rescued them. So I’m switching over.

A white Fimo rose
A white Fimo rose

Another benefit: Fimo #0 White is really, really white. Much more pure than the greyish white of Sculpey III 001 White. There’s nothing wrong with a nice creamy off-white; it can be restful — I’m thinking of walls and woodwork, where pure white can practically glare. But Fimo’s white is an inspiringly pure white.

Here are some things it’s as white as:

  • Kitten belly.
  • Fresh new piece of paper, waiting for your thoughts.
  • The tops of those big ‘rooms’ up in the clouds I’d like to fly into.
  • Irish linen. Hemstitched. Ironed.

And these ‘Thalia’ daffodils. Hmmm…

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