Aggie ring under a digital microscope

Out here visiting my folks, and we got to playing with Dad’s USB digital microscope. Here’s what the numbers on a 10K Aggie ring really look like after seventeen years of daily wear… (I got it when I was a junior, whooooop):

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 1994!

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  1. Sue – like the picture of the Aggie ring under a digital microscope . . . . the only thing that would look better is if it was “92” . . . .

    1. Matt! So cool to see you here. Though I do have to contradict you about the ’92. Did they even make rings with ’92s on them? 🙂

  2. Howdy, Sue!
    I’m ’94 also, but I lost my ring 11 years ago. I’m finally about to order my replacement ring – WHOOOP!
    When we got ours, they didn’t offer regular gold, only antique or rose gold, so yours, like my original one, must be rose gold. I take it yours has lost its rosiness over the years…?
    I’m reading that because the rose gold was offered when I first got my ring, I may be able to special order that instead of the “Natural” gold. Just wondering what your thoughts are on that… Should I try to get my replacement ring exactly as my original was, in rose gold? Or should I just get the “Natural”?

    1. Hello my dear! So glad you are getting a replacement!! You know, I think I called mine “rose finish” but it wasn’t actually the pinkish-color alloy, it’s just I thought at the time that was the term for “non-antiqued.” But mine was plain old gold from the get-go. It would definitely be your choice — trying to think of pros and cons… if you miss the rose tint, then do that, but also I think like 60% or more of the Aggie Rings I see these days are gold non-antiqued, so it could either be a conversation starter or just look different, neither is really a “con”! For certain, call the Ring Office if you have any questions, they are super helpful. And email me if you want,! (Part of me still wishes I had gotten antiqued… actually an option I didn’t know existed at the time, I might have gotten a tiny, tiny men’s Ring, because they are made differently and look more like the “classic” Aggie Ring that I think of in my mind! But that IS an expensive option.

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