A college course on how to build news apps

The ideas and links on Matthew Waite's syllabus for his JOUR 491 news apps class are too good to lose, so I'm saving them here (abbreviated): Jan. 14, 2014 Introduction to news applications. Homework: -- Read: A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change by Adrian Holovaty --Read: A dao of web design by John... Continue Reading →

Your blender is about to turn purple

Earlier this month Pantone selected its Color of the Year for 2014: "Radiant Orchid," or 18-3224 in the Pantone color-specifying system that prevents designers from having to say, "It's a kind of purpley lavender... No, not that bright." This business of selecting colors may strike normal people as complete horse hockey, but I am pretty... Continue Reading →

Rock, fire, Photoshop

Been planning to try making a logo like this for a while but needed to learn some stuff, like how to make 3D text, drop an image onto text and erase the background of semi-transparent flames, since you can't separate the red channel in Photoshop Elements (I used settings of Contiguous and tolerance 13%). This... Continue Reading →

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