Kyle Field student section: Not just the kids in khaki!

My wish is for everybody watching the game today to know that A&M is a huge university, mostly non-military, and that almost half of the stadium you’re looking at is filled with current A&M students.

I love the Corps – my Dad and my little brother are CTs – but we have one of the very largest and most active student sections in the country, and I’m proud of that!

So here’s a size comparison between Texas A&M’s student section and the top five “best” student sections in college football.

Texas A&M

Capacity: 82,600 (expected today: 87,000)

Student: 31,000 (pulled for this game: more than 30,000)

Red: Student body   Khaki: Priority seating for Corps of Cadets students, Corps seating starts with Section 140. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is the dark-brown block at the front of the Corps block.


1. Alabama Capacity: 101,821 Student seats: 17,000


2. Florida State  Capacity:  82,300  Student seats: 16,000


3. Penn State  Capacity:  106,572  Student seats: 21,000


4. Nebraska  Capacity:  91,000  Student seats: 8,500 (as of 2011)


5. Illinois  Capacity:  69,249  Student seats: 10,000


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