Nightfall at the Alamo, March 5: The tweets so far

For the 175th anniversary of Texas' independence, I decided to walk myself, day by day, through the events of the Alamo siege and battle in quick bursts on Twitter, a medium uniquely suited for short, timely updates. Sometimes I was even able to tweet an event at the time of day it actually happened, which... Continue Reading →

Bono and Ali are the sweetest thing

Somehow, though I've loved U2 for decades, I've only just learned that U2's song "The Sweetest Thing" (lyrics here) was written by Bono as an apology to his wife, Ali, for missing her birthday back when the band was in recording sessions for "The Joshua Tree" (first album I ever bought on CD). Originally the... Continue Reading →

Dear Cafepress: Jump off a cliff

I would love, somehow, to inform the two nice folks who just bought T-shirts from Cafepress carrying my design of the De Zavala flag that they paid Cafepress, respectively, TEN and THIRTEEN dollars more than if they had bought it from me. PLUS I got $6.30 in profit as opposed to $10 if they'd bought... Continue Reading →

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