Dear Cafepress: Jump off a cliff

I would love, somehow, to inform the two nice folks who just bought T-shirts from Cafepress carrying my design of the De Zavala flag that they paid Cafepress, respectively, TEN and THIRTEEN dollars more than if they had bought it from me. PLUS I got $6.30 in profit as opposed to $10 if they’d bought through me.

That is to say, they searched for a De Zavala shirt, found my design in Cafepress’ Marketplace, and paid $30 and $33 dollars (why the difference, I don’t know) for a shirt that was selling in my Cafepress store at $23. And Cafepress made, respectively, $27 and $29.70 in profit, as opposed to the $18 they would have profited from a sale through my store. Ya wonder why they optimize searches for their Marketplace as opposed to my store? I don’t.

There is a school of thought that I might not have made even that $6.30 in reduced commissions if it weren’t for Cafepress’ Marketplace. I say, “Horse manure,” because if you Google “de zavala flag shirt,” you get my shop as the first result. I’ll take my chances with that.

But I am NOT going to let a company sell my design for a higher price and give me less money.

Which is why that Google result now links to my new Printfection shop. Where you can buy the shirt in your choice of colors and fabrics for prices starting at $26. I get $4, and Cafepress gets absolutely jack.

Cotton, 3 shades of blue
Or in sustainable, organic cotton

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