A bracelet worthy of a beautiful fall day

It’s been a lovely Thanksgiving Day here, and to celebrate, here’s a little tribute to a beautiful bracelet design by Shanna Steele of Auntie’s Beads in Southlake. It uses Czech pressed-glass beads shaped like leaves, with rich colors and coppery highlights.

Following her great instructions, which include a video on the weaving technique, I made this bracelet in about an hour (which I attribute to my total inexperience at beading; Shanna says it took her about that long to work out the design but she “could probably whip one up now in 20-30 minutes”):

They still have all the parts to make this in stock (though as you maybe can tell from my photo, I didn’t use the same clasp they did; I subbed in one they had on sale at the time). I think the beads and clasp came to about $15. A gorgeous thing. Thank you for sharing it, Shanna!

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