Hand-tooled leather watchband for under $4

If you’re crafty, this could make a lovely gift, and right now it’s 50% off.  To change the appearance, you could possibly dye the leather dark brown (though I’d call Tandy first to make sure this leather accepts dye, and whether it’d need to be sealed).*  Once I got the kit in my hands and could see how the watch case and buckle attach to the band, I’d be tempted to prowl antique stores for a unique and interesting case.

Image copyright Tandy Leather Co.

It’s pretty as is, but a dark brown leather with silver case and buckle would be pretty too.

* Update, Aug. 9: This just in!  I’ve now done a Tandy Leather kit and I can confidently say that the tooling leather in their kits can be dyed dark brown.  You will want to seal it, though.  So after you buy the watch kit, which is $7 now that it’s not on sale anymore, then you’d need to buy dye and clear sealant … and if you aren’t up to leather carving yet and just want to stamp it, you’ll need at least one stamp … and perhaps a mallet if you don’t already have one (hammers won’t do) … so by then you’re up to like $30 or $40.  So much for an inexpensive gift 🙂

The good news, though, if you do decide you want to personalize a watch band this way — or if you use the kit as is — is that I found many beautiful new watch faces in all sorts of metals and styles at Artbeads.com, for about $6 or so each, with free shipping.

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