This is not a rebel song. This is a rebel song

Here is U2 launching into the song they believed might actually spark violence if it were misunderstood: And here is a John Wayne movie's anachronistic but stirring delivery of an actual rebel song: Back in the heyday of MTV, when I was a budding little pre-teen U2 fan, I heard Bono say something... Continue Reading →

Bono and Ali are the sweetest thing

Somehow, though I've loved U2 for decades, I've only just learned that U2's song "The Sweetest Thing" (lyrics here) was written by Bono as an apology to his wife, Ali, for missing her birthday back when the band was in recording sessions for "The Joshua Tree" (first album I ever bought on CD). Originally the... Continue Reading →


Awhile back the paper was kind enough to run the obituary I wrote for my car. Now I blush at my writing, which came out in a fit of grief, but the flaws are all mine and nothing to do with Brad Buchholz, who is a wonderful writer and a tender soul and who much... Continue Reading →

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