A nerd walks into a 2,000-year-old bar

Sometimes I really can't believe I was here. A couple thousand years ago, if you wanted to meet up with a friend in Ostia, you could say, "I'll meet you at that bar, you know, the one on Diana Street just off Main." They have bar food, too, and a beer garden out back --... Continue Reading →

Mini-Colosseum found at Roman palace

Private games were held, probably for emperors, at a personal Colosseum found inside a "gigantic imperial palace" near the present-day Fiumicino airport, which serves Rome. The London Times has pictures. Accounts say it's lavishly built with luxury materials and seats 2,000. Clearly, the forerunner of the modern home theater. Who needs plasma when you can... Continue Reading →

Rome in a day

Classical history geek that I am, I went this afternoon to the “24 Hour Roman Construction Project,” an art event in which participants build a replica of Rome in a day. Starting at midnight with the two huts of Romulus and Remus, volunteers make structures, well, more or less to scale. Events, speakers and music... Continue Reading →

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