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Turnpike Troubadours have been closing some shows with an acoustic version of “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” a lovely Paul song whose description in “Revolution in the Head” is just so wonderful I wanted to share it here: “the simplest of descending-sequence guitar songs, made indelible by a melody based on” intervals of the A-major scale and paired with a “love-at-first-sight lyric … with its tumbling internal rhymes and gasping lack of breathing spaces.” Yup.

Turnpike (in this case Evan Felker soloing to start their encore) does it beautifully. The song’s been covered as bluegrass since the ’60s, maybe not a total shocker for a band the BBC said in 1962 was “not as rocky as most, more country and western.”


“Revolution” analyzes each Beatles song, so that the experience of reading it is essentially like replaying them all in your head but learning about them as you do so, and while on Amazon I learned my hardback version of it is going for $115 now. Muahaha! Not for sale.

More Beatles/C&W: Ringo even sang Buck. A shame that guitar groups were on their way out 🙂

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I was puzzled as a youngster (and indeed, up until last week) by the title of “Norwegian Wood.”  The song is moody, and I always pictured a dark forest of young skinny trees, probably related to the photomural in my dentist’s office.  But no, I read now that it was a dig at the girl’s cheap furnishings. Paul said in a 1998 book:

Peter Asher had his room done out in wood, a lot of people were decorating their places in wood. Norwegian wood. It was pine really, cheap pine. But it’s not as good a title, ‘Cheap Pine,’ baby.

For a famous guy, John famously had some issues with women (witness the original lyrics of “Day Tripper” — hint: She was not a “big” teaser). Also I didn’t realize until years later that he supposedly burns down her apartment (or whatever it is) at the end of the song. To which I say “Hmph.”

So to create the effect this song apparently should have had on me, I have reworded it slightly.

She texted ‘Come over’ so I rushed to get to her flat
I plied her with liquor and told her she didn’t look fat
We laughed at ourselves / isn’t it swell / IKEA shelves

She played me her John Mayer albums and I found them vile
I told her I wanted to bonk now and she didn’t smile
She put me through hell / isn’t it swell / IKEA shelves.

Still mysterious: how British people sleep in bathtubs.

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The calendars for 2010 and for 1965 use the same days, and in honor of my coworkers’ upcoming Beatle trivia night, I thought it would be fun to design a printable calendar page saying where the Beatles were and what they were doing in February 1965. Here it is:

If my evil plan has worked, you can click on the image to download a printable PDF, and then potentially use it as your calendar for this month. Such a busy time this was in the boys’ lives! Ringo got married, George turned 22, they spent a week in EMI’s Studio Two on Abbey Road recording for “Help!” and then they flew to the Bahamas for filming.

Session notes cited here are from Mark Lewisohn’s “The Complete Beatles Chronicle”; other items are drawn from various Web sources and books in my collection. This obviously isn’t everything they were up to (i.e. I don’t list every song in every recording session); I just cherrypicked from what I found.

If you do download it (or you try to and it doesn’t work), please let me know!

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