Turning your PC into the BBC, Part 3: The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes

I can now add to my previous posts about Monty Python and other great British TV shows on Netflix Watch Instantly (streaming video to your PC or Mac) two eminent figures in British entertainment: Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor. Lots of old "Doctor Who" episodes have long been available on Watch Instantly, but now they've... Continue Reading →

Python on Netflix, thoughts on Python

Below are some ramblings wherein I wonder: Did being smart just simply never go out of fashion in Britain?¬† But first: There's even more Python than I mentioned before that you can "Watch Instantly" on your computer via Netflix: Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969) - Choose from a¬†veritable buffet, skit by skit. And Now For... Continue Reading →

British TV for Netflix streaming video users

[EDIT Dec 2012] Britsh comedy radio! Monty Python, the Beatles and "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (which began as a radio show) were all influenced by the 1950s Brit radio program "The Goon Show." Which now streams continuously at goons.fabcat.org! Listen a bit and you'll soon hear why Lennon growled "Ya swine" in "Hard Day's... Continue Reading →

Yum! Economist podcast and Irish radio

Glad to have discovered the Economist's weekly "The week ahead" podcast, a civilized way to get your news. They also offer a series of "Tea with The Economist" videos, in which they very literally have tea and a chat with interesting and relevant people. Also, I am in love with Galwaybayfm.ie, where you can listen... Continue Reading →

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