Python on Netflix, thoughts on Python

Below are some ramblings wherein I wonder: Did being smart just simply never go out of fashion in Britain?¬† But first: There's even more Python than I mentioned before that you can "Watch Instantly" on your computer via Netflix: Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969) - Choose from a¬†veritable buffet, skit by skit. And Now For... Continue Reading →

British TV for Netflix streaming video users

[EDIT Dec 2012] Britsh comedy radio! Monty Python, the Beatles and "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (which began as a radio show) were all influenced by the 1950s Brit radio program "The Goon Show." Which now streams continuously at! Listen a bit and you'll soon hear why Lennon growled "Ya swine" in "Hard Day's... Continue Reading →

Yum! Economist podcast and Irish radio

Glad to have discovered the Economist's weekly "The week ahead" podcast, a civilized way to get your news. They also offer a series of "Tea with The Economist" videos, in which they very literally have tea and a chat with interesting and relevant people. Also, I am in love with, where you can listen... Continue Reading →

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