Long live UNT’s (next) albino squirrel

Lucky’s in the news because he got hit by a car yesterday — a university staffer took him to a vet but he didn’t survive, the UNT Staff Senate said on Twitter.

But there is hope!

Central Track delved further to find that UNT has *plural* albino squirrels, since at least 2000. The first was named Thelonious, which is perfect for a school with strong jazz heritage.

The university’s official account, @UNTsocial, confirms there’s more than one:

UNT is my “other” university. Having grown up a Fry rat in Denton, I have long been unimpressed with other Texas cities’ claims to weirdness and unique music scenes. I’m also a UNT alum, having taken photojournalism and other classes there between semesters at A&M, and justifiably proud of their music, journalism and history programs.

As @UNTsocial says, “Lucky is remembered in our hearts. Hope mourning will lessen in spring when we see Lucky Jr. We’ll be on the lookout.”

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