Weekend things to do in B/CS

The terrific “Corps of Cadets Moms Updates” blog does a great job of mixing events, news and useful info. Here, republished with the blogger’s permission, is a list she compiled of  “stuff you can do on a non-football weekend.”

(I’m quoting the list directly, so modify “your cadet” to “your student” or “your friends” as needed!)

George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum: I’ve been twice and could easily go again. I’m a museum person, so I’d say allow 3+ hours. Students get in free with a TAMU ID.


Bonfire Memorial: It’s very cool. Free. Allow 1 hour.


MSC: Check the calendar to see if there are any performances the weekend you plan to be in CStat. There is nothing posted yet for next year, but you can see what’s happened in the past to give you an idea of what the future may hold.


Messina Hof: This is an adult thing, but fun! Bryan’s own winery — and while I’m no connoisseur (I typically select wines by the graphic quality of the label), I do like their wines.


Aggie Stores: There are a lot to select from that specialize in cute stuff for Aggies. The biggie — Aggieland Outfitters — is a palace dedicated to Maroon. College Depot and CC Creations also have tons of stuff. For CC Creations, on non-football weekends, you need to go to the warehouse on Holleman Drive, south of campus. For girly stuff, go to Heartworks. And for old-time Aggie prints, stop by The Benjamin Knox Gallery. (This is a great place for a glass of wine and a snack, as well.)


Other Sports: Yes, TAMU has teams other than football, basketball and baseball. If you’d like to see one of the other sports teams compete, check out the composite 12th Man calendar. Again, most schedules aren’t posted yet. It’ll happen.


The Dixie Chicken: Even if your cadet is not of age, go to The Chicken for a hamburger and Dr Pepper. It’s part of Texas A&M. You just gotta do it. Ditto for Layne’s Chicken.


Bonfire Cut: Last but certainly not least, if your cadet is doing cut, and if it’s the right weekend, parents are invited to cut on Sunday morning. (Yes, it’s during church time.) Not all cadets do cut, but those who do, love it. And parents who go have very special memories of time in the woods with their cadet and buddies.

Great list, Jeanne! Thanks again!

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